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Buy ACDC Marijuana Strain Online. ACDC Marijuana Strain, Just as comforting and revitalizing as listening to some of your favorite tunes, the ACDC Marijuana Strain will also have you revitalized and ready to rock. It has a super high CBD level, and has been voted as one of the top high-CBD strains for medicinal use. ACDC can help with all sorts of things from nerve pain and MS, to epilepsy and PTSD.

All with nearly no psychoactive effect. While they do not produce any psychoactive effects, high-CBD cannabis strains like AC/DC are in ultra high demand due to their non-intoxicating, 100{b77411775fa52f7d75c811aea3e388343f593a814e0667535ef116ba1dd91d66} natural form of therapy.

ACDC Marijuana Strain is among the rare breeds of cannabis that gives users the high without any psychoactive effects. How to buy weed online. With this strain, there is none of the psychedelic experiences or narcotic-like stone.

Where it excels is in its medical use. Hence, some people like to think of it as being a dietary supplement. Buy acdc strain or seeds use for pain, anxiety, sleep, depression for sale near me in bulk in Europe from a genuine online dispensary with free overnight delivery.

Cannabis For Sale Online – Medical Cannabis 

ACDC Marijuana Strain has received several accolades and recognition. In a world where most people think of cannabis with regards to potency, this one is the opposite. It comes with as much as 24{b77411775fa52f7d75c811aea3e388343f593a814e0667535ef116ba1dd91d66} CBD making it an effective treatment for seizures and epilepsy.

Although plenty of marijuana strains are designed to get you high, have some good laughs, and ‘adjust’ your brain chemistry to the point where you don’t take life so seriously, there exists a realm of medicinal pot wherein the sole purpose is to heal the body and mind – with no psychoactive effects involved.

These cannabis types are a reasonably new creation, as they only started gaining traction once people realized that high levels of CBD can produce profound therapeutic results, with virtually no high. In fact, many people in recent years have been requesting breeders to develop strains with a high percentage of CBD, for these exact reasons. ACDC has gone on to receive brilliant recognition in the cannabis community, even winning a Cannabis Cup award for its therapeutic, non-intoxicating effects.

ACDC Strain: Grow Info – Can I Buy Cannabis Online

ACDC Marijuana Strain is a medium height plant, typically growing to about four feet at most. Its plant structure is similar to that of the traditional ‘skunk’ strains, with buds that group together in large bunches known as colas. Most would agree that ACDC weed is fairly challenging to grow, and requires plenty of maintenance for a successful yield. The plant needs immense support, starting with some sort of platform it can hang on to, in order for it to develop a strong stalk and branches.

ACDC traces its lineage to CannaTonic. From that strain, NorStar Genetics carefully selected one of its phenotype. Then, they crossed it with a cannabis Ruderalis plant. In essence, what the breeder did was to create a better version of the original parent strain, one which has much lesser THC but higher CBD.

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4 reviews for ACDC Marijuana Strain

  1. Michael T. Brooks

    “super high 20% average THC level and 1-6% CBD level” This information is completely wrong. ACDC has a 15-20% CBD content, and 1% or less THC content. Speaking from personal research and growing and testing. I cannot use THC without becoming anxious, that is why I chose this strain. It is an excellent strain if you do not want to be bogged down in a THC trip and seek full control of your mind.

  2. Joshua R. Phillips

    It does help me with my pain. Not much high. I’m in it for the medicinal qualities, so it’s perfect for me.

  3. Jeremy S. Phillips

    It really has helped me deal with this Covid BS! I hope they can create more potent CBD strains like AC/DC! Gonna pickup 1/2 oz every 2 weeks it’s that good!

  4. John L. Brzozowski

    Beautiful strain that helped me with my social anxiety at school. I like this better than Cannatonic (although Cannatonic is also 5/5 stars imo). ACDC gave me the proper amount of focus while obliterating my anxiety. This is the best daytime strain for anxiety in my opinion.

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