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5 reviews for AK-47

  1. Hortencia H. Washington

    Am a bit surprised to read your general info. AK47 got its name because customers of coffeeshops in Amsterdam used to fell of their stools after smoking AK47 in the early nineties. Because of its popularity almost every other seed co. copied the seeds and used our registered name. I suspect this influences the overall idea of the AK47. For instance; we have never tested it under 22% THC and zero CBD. AK47 still is a strong smoke compared to all going around. But you got to have the real deal, not some watered down copy af a wannabee seed co.

  2. Stacy J. Jackson

    I have always liked AK-47, and found it helped me big time. It was hard to find ordering from medical suppliers, so I ordered 5 seeds of an auto-flower strain of AK-47 and got my permit to grow my own meds. It grows wonderfully, wish I could clone it. Luckily the first two went hermie on me after a lot of LST and HST (it responds well to both, but HST is tricky with auto flowers) so I got a ton of seeds from the first two. I got the other three tested at a local store that tests for medical users since the first two were potent AF despite being full of seeds. 24.53% THC 0.08% CBD 24.05% THC 0.10% CBD 25.58% THC 0.04% CBD Oh yeah, this is a strain worth growing at home as a go-to after work/evening strain. Really helps with my pain, without couchlock, while giving me the engrized and euphoric sativa lift it’s known for. I prefer something that gives me the munchies before dinner, and change to this after dinner. I would recommend getting regular feminized seeds, not autoflowers, as this is certainly worth cloning and responds so well to HST that it’s worth extra time in veg to grow monstrous plants.

  3. Barbara N. Dillard

    If you asked ‘what does weed smell like..?’ the answer would be AK-47..

  4. Stacy J. Jackson

    i really really love this strain when it leans more towards the indica dominant. done well indoors can yield massive loads (that’s what she said.) it makes a damn fine live resin as well. A+++ would buy again.

  5. Janet C. Lyons

    Definitely an evening affair. Mostly due to a slow creeping body melt. Mind still working fine but body not following suit lol.

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