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This strain are finally breaking the silence between patients and extraterrestrial smokers. A team of California Marijuana Scientist from 1 Stop Extracts was abducted by extraterrestrial beings in 2013, and ever since their return to Earth, they have been providing California dispensaries with medicine that is out of this world. Getting medicated has transformed from an enjoyable experience to an out-of-this-world experience since the creation of Moon.Rocks. These marijuana meteorites come in many variations. Each Moon.Rock begins with Private.atomik diamond moon rocks Reserve flowers which are infused with wax, hash oil, or both, and are coated with an outer layer of high grade kief, ice water hash, and/or top shelf wax. Moon.Rocks are determined to prepare smokers across the world for the day their friends from outer space finally come here for a smoke sesh

We at Atomik invite patients and consumers to “Take your high to the next level” with our extremely potent Moon Rocks. These marijuana meteorites start as private reserve flowers that we infuse with wax hash oil or both, then coat with a layer of high-grade keif ice water hash and/or top-shelf wax. All this infusion and attention results in dense nuggets that deliver THC content upwards of 55%. We also produce a CBD line of Moon Rocks that pushes CBD content to over 40%. Our goal is to deliver affordable high-potency medications that are the cleanest and strongest marijuana products on the market. Treat yourself to a higher-high with this strain They’re big medicine.atomik 420 moon rocks

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4 reviews for atomik moon rocks

  1. Delbert T. Dukes

    This is the stuff you’re my dealers for life thanks for the extra

  2. Edwin M. Marcil

    thanks for sharing suchadorable information about this adorable strain its lovely cant wait to smoke some of that, my next order i will definitely get like an hp its sows this strain is really recreational will love too thanks you guys for being legit and understandable.

  3. Edward P. Shaw

    everything is cool with the strain it was better than the others i have tasted but i’m still searching that fire moon rock i have heard about.

  4. Ronald S. Mendez

    Can’t get enough of these Moonrocks…what a great high and taste.

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