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A trip more bobo than baba

In Cannes, during the Festival, Claire, a 32-year-old screenwriter, has a motto around a glass of champagne about her desire to try this plant, “which takes you through a death experience”. “It seems that you are very badly, and suddenly you discover wounds in you, which heal thanks to the plant. Virgil, 21, has taken psychedelics in the past. He has read the writings of the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda and seen several times “Other worlds”, the documentary by Jan Kounen, where the director of “99 francs” testifies to his discovery and his experimentation with the sacred Amerindian vine. For this philosophy student, the experience is on his list of things to do in his life: “I want to discover another way of seeing the world, but also to access the transcendent. And to confront my fear. “ what is ayahuasca

In the United States, where the plant is authorized for use ayahuasca in the religious setting of the Church of Santo Daime, ayahuasca has become the most hyped substance at the moment. The “LA Weekly” newspaper recently headlined “excessively trendy”, and a “New York Times” article on the subject appeared in the “fashion style” column. Lindsay Lohan ¬ and before her Sting, Tori Amos, Paul Simon and Oliver Stone ¬ testifies to her experience, stars in her eyes. From Brooklyn to the West Coast, lawyers, doctors and artists flock to “ayahuasca” ceremonies, led by itinerant to make ayahuasca

An initiatory quest with a foul taste

Outil d’une médecine traditionnelle qui vise à soigner autant le physique que l’âme, l’ayahuasca est utilisée par les Amérindiens et les métis curanderos (guérisseurs latino-américains, chamans pour les Occidentaux). C’est la décoction de deux plantes, l’ayahuasca elle-même, riche en substances pychoactives, et la chacruna, riche en DMT, hallucinogène puissant. Selon la cosmologie amérindienne, le curandero, intercesseur entre le monde des humains et celui des esprits, entre en communication avec l’esprit de la plante, et pendant la cérémonie qui peut durer de quatre à sept heures, guide le patient avec ses chants, les icaros. Mais pourquoi ce breuvage ancestral au goût immonde et aux effets stupéfiants, voire terrifiants, préparé au fond de la jungle est-il devenu si populaire auprès des Occidentaux ? La quête initiatique au moyen de substances psychoactives ne date pas d’aujourd’hui.ayahuasca drug