Blue Dream

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5 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. Yolanda J. Raasch

    Extremely euphoric, great for nature walks, daytime strain

  2. Melody W. Quinn

    CBD in a THC strain?? What could go wrong! I have anxiety and trouble eating, I am very experienced and use high thc strains (Wedding Cake is the fav) and this weaker bud was the first to not be pleasant since before weed was legal here. Color, smell and taste are stellar! It did not make me paranoid but it kind of made me restless and more depressed! It didn’t calm me down or help me get anything done and I couldn’t focus. If you have neurological issue (i’m guessing that’s it) this might be too stimulating in a different and less helpful way. Had a couple grams, it didn’t work AM, PM or midday for me

  3. Elvie D. Leonard

    Very satisfying . After the first cpl tokes , I knew this was going to be tasty as I’m a seasoned smoker . Just got it from believe it or not Trulieve . Whatever you do , don’t waste your coin on Trulieve Dutch Hawaiian , yup u know it , it’s bunk . Again if you like to smoke check out Blue Dream , delish.

  4. Elisabeth R. Cadle

    Absolute fire 👌 for me at least the effects didn’t last the longest but enjoyable af

  5. Tara R. Hall

    Hi! I have a rare brain disease, Cervical Dystonia. I’m on the search trying to find strains to help with irretractable pain, tremors, muscle spasms. There’s not much information as to what will help with a movement disorder like Parkison, dystonia ect. BLUE DREAM, a sativa dom hybrid. AWESOME! But this brand I got not the best. I found that it helped with my tremors or at the very least I just got high so didn’t care, you know how that goes, lmao. It did make my anxiety go up a lil but that’s to be expected a lil bit. I was able to start my cleaning while of course dancing around. My Parkison meds make me lethargic and that’s is a no no. I think this might be a good strain to ingest. I’m still going to try some more and share my thought on my journey to find the perfect strains.

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