Blue Rhino

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4 reviews for Blue Rhino

  1. William J. Mann

    good strain ever

  2. John E. Hughes

    I rate this strain so high because it does what I need it to do medically. Yes, the buzz is nice (often essential), but that’s not why I take this strain. If I want to get baked I choose something specifically for that (ah, the variety of growing your own in addition to sampling what the collectives have…what a life!). BR allows me to be completely focused, lightly buzzed, incredibly creative and energetic. I usually partake if I’m stuck. I am unstuck within an hour, completing the project better than I had originally envisioned. The ‘project’ doesn’t have to be enormous either. Sometimes a project is just getting out of bed, if you take my meaning, for those of us who have bi-polar issues this is a familiar thought pattern.

  3. Ivan S. Chapman

    This strain is like no other, this strain is my personal favorite for a good night sleep with hella munchies. Definitely worth my money.

  4. Young L. Barrow

    Five years from now, we’ll have a Jeffrey with Jeffrey and listen to lcd Soundsystem

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