Bubba Kush

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Category Indica
THC 14 to 22%
CBD  0.06% to 0.1%
Best For Night time use 
Effects Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed.
Benefits Lost of appetite,Stress, Depression, Pain
Flowering time 7 to 9 weeks

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Buy Bubba kush Online. today, If you’re craving a sweet smoke that leaves you relaxed, then Bubba Kush is for you. The genetic history of this strain can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountains; however, its complete history is almost unknown due to poor documentation this strain is 100% indica, so you can anticipate a relaxing body high that will leave you couch locked.

Prior to 1998, this strain was only available as a clone, but it has since been replicated so that its seeds could be packaged and sold. platinum bubba kush strain

this strain  is one of the most popular strain, and with good reason. This luxurious bud has a robust scent reminiscent of chocolate and is considered one of the best-tasting strain on the market.  .It is therefore particularly suitable for beginners who want something less hard than other Indica weed strain. this strain is also an aesthetically pleasing flower, and you will admire the purple tones, the thick orange hair, and the dark, frosted leaves. master bubba kush

Appearance, Flavor and Aroma Of Bubba Kush weed

Depending on the pheno you may receive chocolate notes to ammonia notes, but regardless the smoke with be thick and heavy. . Flavors range on the earthy and bodily spectrum (yes, gross for food but lovely for cannabis) and well grown Bubba should provide flavor through water and the end of the bowl.what is bubba kush

The aroma of this is one of those unique scents you will never forget. It often borders on an acrid ammonia smell, but always emits deep, earthy notes.  From hints of coffee to dirty feet, this strain hits the nose a bit differently for everyone

this strain is Very thick flowers ranging from dark black and purple to green depending on the “cut” of this strain.  Remaining constant, Bubba produces Kush style cannabis flowers leaning from golf balls to swollen hearts in shape.

Benefits and Effects Of Bubba Kush Weed

This strain is a high-quality indica weed strain that will put you out of business for some time. Do not smoke before exercising intensively. Ideally, you want to circle a bowl with a few friends and wade in the intoxicating glow that you will instantly feel as you inhale some of this wonderful Kush for the first time.

This is a strain that stimulates your appetite and you should prepare yourself for the munchies before you dive. The sweetness of the bud seems to penetrate your head, improve your taste buds and even make simple efforts like eating, rich with positive sensations. Soon you will feel a pleasant feeling of melting wasp around your body, preparing you for an extended phase of relaxation and cerebral pleasure. bubba kush weed


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4 reviews for Bubba Kush

  1. Dwain L. James

    This has got to be my favorite strain that I ever smoked. It gets me moving.. I’m not too lazy, I feel happy. I can get things done for sure.. I’m not paranoid AT ALL.. I actually feel NORMAL! Smoking bubba kush is like taking a medication for me. It’s the perfect weed. Seriously.

  2. Juan K. Oswald

    mmmh the high is okay, but a bit short and only the start of the high is good. It makes me very sleepy at the end

  3. Carl S. Skelly

    Holy shit dude. Heady as fuck with a trickle down body high. I can hear the static in the air. I’m gonna go back to playing Battleborn now. Good ass shit.

  4. Edward D. Moore

    This is a great strain if you want a great high with at the same time being able to be social and go about your daily routine. At the same time you’ll feel very relaxed while being very assertive without paranoia. It’s by far my favorite and I would recommend it to anyone unless you are just looking for something that will knock you out instantly

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