girl scout cookies feminized seeds


Plant type:80% indica 20% sativa

Plant size:Average

Flower weeks:10 weeks

Yields:21 0z per 3x3ft

Medical Uses:

THC: Up to 21%

CBD: <1%


Climate: indoor and outdoo


Buy Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds Online

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds (GSC) is 50% indica, 50% sativa. It’s one of the most popular strains to come out of the Californian breeding explosion. Parent plants include the legendary South African sativa Durban, crossed with indica cultivar Hindu Kush, and OG Kush, an Afghan/Californian indica hybrid. The resulting feminized seed-strain is an ideal balance of sativa and indica, with high resin production and sweet flavours. girl scout cookies feminized seeeds

Effect, taste and smell of Girl Scout Cookies by White Label

After harvest, White Label Girl Scout Cookies’ flowers remain impressively large, due to the fat calyxes from which they’re formed. Even when dry, GSC’s thick coating of trichomes makes buds sticky to the touch. Growers should be aware that they can easily gum up scissors and grinders with THC-rich resin. girl scout cookie strain femini…

This strain’s aroma is subtle until the flower clusters are broken up, releasing their terpenes. Dominant flavours include pine, sandalwood, and rich earth, with a background of fruit, citrus, mint, and aniseed. auto feminized girl scout cooki…

Growth pattern of Girl Scout Cookies by White Label

GSC Feminized cannabis seeds are 50% indica, 50% sativa. They produce uniform plants which flower in nine to ten weeks. This strain gains a good amount of height in flowering, improving its yield without becoming uncontrollable. USA sells Girl Scout Cookies Fem marijuana seeds online.

Outdoor and greenhouse-grown plants can easily reach 200 or 250 cm by their October harvest time. Indoors, cuttings can be flowered at around 30-40 cm to attain a final height of 100 cm. Flowering original seed plants at the same height is likely to result in plants reaching 125 cm by harvest time. Buy Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds here. This high yield marijuana plant has a sweet and earthy taste. Yield up to 750 grams a square meter!




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