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Hawaiian Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that produces buds that are large and lumpy, emitting a scent reminiscent of pineapple and the tropics, with sweet berry undertones and a taste that’s delightfully similar. hawaiian cookies strain

THC levels average between 18-21%. Its high is known to begin in the head, increasing cerebral activity and sparking both creativity and inspiration, making this strain great for accomplishing creative tasks such as hobbies. Motivation and a sense of purpose may increase for some, so meditation is possible as well. The body will feel comforted as tension is relieved, and negativity of both the mind and body will dissipate, though not sedate – making this strain a good choice so consume throughout the day. hawaiian cookie shop. Buy Hawaiian Cookies and more AAA+ weed, edibles and more from Canada’s best online dispensary. Get free shipping on all orders over $150!


Since its introduction to the world in 2014, Hawaiian Cookies has made quite the name for itself as a recreational strain that is both uplifting and chill, making it great for social settings, work, artistic endeavours and about anything else you could think of. As a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Hawaiian Snow, this hybrid inherited the euphoric, energetic and spacey effects of both its parents. On average, lab tests show that Hawaiian Cookies contains THC levels that range between 18-21%. These levels are impressive for a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and are responsible for the quick-hitting, potent high of Hawaiian Cookies. Don’t worry about being sedated or incapacitated by couch-lock with this uplifting sativa. The happy, free-flowing energy is accompanied by a giggly, creative and focused buzz. Medicinally, this hybrid is great for dealing with depression, general stress, lack of creativity and insomnia. Shop Hawaiian Cookies strain a sweet & pungent hybrid weed. This flower is bred from Hawaiian snow & GSC with THC levels up to 23%

Appearance & Aroma

The appearance of Hawaiian Cookies is very reminiscent of its GSC parentage with tis dense, cone shaped buds. These luscious green buds are flourished with the perfect amount of light orange pistils, all of which make home to an impressive amount of resinous THC trichomes. The bag appeal of Hawaiian Cookies is further accentuated by its luscious terpene profile, one of its features that may make it the most impressive and worthy of such celebrity status. This extremely flavourful strain takes the cookie and vanilla notes of GSC and combine them with the tropical fruity tones of pineapples, mangoes, citrus and earthiness of Hawaiian Snow. The resulting combination creates a perplex aroma and flavour that is reminscent of a peach pie, or pineapple upside-down cake. You can always visit our website for your demands of this strain online and … Therefore; buy Hawaiian cookies strainHawaiian cookies strain for sale,



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3 reviews for hawaiian cookies strain

  1. Michael C. Rodriguez

    Wow, best strain I ran across in years

  2. John L. King

    In my top five favorite strains. Really good stuff!

  3. Jim J. Derose

    If you were in the hunt for the ultimate day time “get shit done strain” This is it!

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