jack herer feminized seeds



Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor400 – 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor500 gr/plant
Height200 cm
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Flowering StylePhotoperiod
Harvest MonthOctober
MedicalArthritis Depression Fatigue Inflammation Migranes Stress
EffectsCalming Energetic Euphoric Focused Happy Relaxed Uplifted
FlavorEarthy Pepper Pine Spicy Sweet Tropical
ClimateTemperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold



Buy Jack Herer Feminized Seeds Online

Jack Herer Feminized: this exemplary hybrid pays homage to his name. But take care – try Jack once and you’ll probably never want to smoke anything else ever again. Its effect is long-lasting and perfectly balanced. Officially recognised as one of the few medicinal cannabis strains in the Netherlands, Jack Herer® is the prime example of an ultra-potent strain with huge levels of resin and THC. jack herer feminized seeds

Effects of Jack Herer

Recreational Effects

It’s excellent for you to grow your marijuana plants from our Jack Herer seeds and get high-quality weed for your recreational needs. You will get balanced mind-high effects that can be an excellent choice for beginners. The intense floral scent of the buds is sure to attain your interest. Our exclusive Jack’s Herer seeds for sale are also an excellent option for individuals who want to grow marijuana plants & get their high-quality weed to induce creativity and euphoria. Few hours after the smoke, you may feel like you are flying through the clouds. best feminized jack herer

A sense of lightness and creativity makes Jack Herer marijuana an excellent social media companion. Buds that you get from plants by growing them from Jack Herer seeds will maximize relaxation for the body and mind at the end and will allow the user to be in complete control of their actions. jack herer feminized.

Medical Effects

Jack Herer cannabis seeds are ideal for you to grow plants & get high-quality medical marijuana to treat your mild stress, anxiety, and depression. Users have also described migraine relief. Although Jack Herer strain does not contain high amounts of CBD, it can also help treat chronic pain. feminized jacke herer

Jack Herer seeds are not recommended to be grown by people who want to use marijuana to treat insomnia, as uplifting thoughts and moods can keep them awake. You can grow plants from our amazing Jack Herer marijuana seeds & get several potential health benefits relevant to mental disorders by consuming their buds. You can consume those potent, high-quality marijuana buds to calm your stomach, increase the appetite, and eliminate all the hidden pains you feel. growing jack herer feminized

Aroma & Taste of Jack Herer

Tasty buds of your plants grown from our exclusive Jack Herer marijuana seeds will have a spicy and complex aroma with lemon and black pepper hints. The scent will be uplifting and very intoxicating. The abundant presence of terpenes will give mint and lemon aromas to evergreen extracts and products prepared with high-quality marijuana. When you smoke those delicious buds, you will appreciate a unique spicy incense aroma.





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