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The sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Jet Fuel, also called G6 by some, produces a pungent diesel scent and similar yet sweet flavor. Its buds are a light, mossy green covered in a fuzzy layer of trichomes. jet fuel strain

The THC levels of Jet Fuel average in the high teens. Its high has been described as like a jet – it gives the consumer a sudden jolt of energy accompanied by mostly other sativa effects such as immediate cerebral activity and slight tingly relaxation through the spine. Euphoria is often felt and the high eventually levels the mind into a pleasant dream-like state. For some, the munchies are also induced. jet fuel gelato

This strain’s name doesn’t only account for its energetic nature, it’s also a reference to the sweet tang of gasoline that wafts from the flowers. Like parent strain High Country Diesel, Jet Fuel packs a fuel-like chemical punch. Grinding or burning the sticky flowers gives off a whiff of pine as well, calling to mind Jet Fuel’s OG Kush lineage. As with many other sativas, the smoke generated by this strain is smooth, although the skunky diesel aftertaste may leave many smokers reaching for a glass of water. This pungent flower may not be the best choice for those looking to keep their consumption discreet.jet fuel weed

Medical Benefits of Jet Fuel Strain

It is also used in the battle against depression and anxiety and can serve as a much-needed boost if you have chronic fatigue. As fatigue is a condition associated with stress, it is likely that most professionals could use a couple of Jet Fuel hits.

How Is Jet Fuel Likely to Affect You?

If you need a ‘pick me up,’look no further than this strain. The name ‘Jet Fuel’ is a bit of a giveaway! You may be shocked by how energetic you feel after consuming this weed


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5 reviews for jet fuel strain

  1. Cathy M. Huber

    It’s amazing. My boyfriend and I smoke this and our libidos shoot up to the sky.

  2. Betty J. Snyder

    Very strong high with surprisingly euphoric effects. Also a stone hard, long lasting high.

  3. Raquel R. Brennan

    Was absolutely nothing what I expected still decent smoke bag appeal 6 if lucky Nose 7/10 just easy way looked like really bad outdoor. But I’m still smoking it and I’m high so 6.5/10

  4. Kathleen R. Hill

    G6 or jet fuel creates a unique euphoria in me. it was a little harsh when I first started smoking it. But now it is just wonderful. And feeling happy is where it is at.

  5. Irene C. Parra

    I Just picked this up. Ataraxia Labs named this “G6” but this should be the same as jet fuel so here’s my review… (SCI – T3 ) My first reaction was that the draw that I felt when I puffed it was like taking a drag of a very minty berry/blueberry cool flavored strain… Very focused, creative laid back feeling, able to real chores done if needed but very comfortable high overall. I used it for inflammation , muscle spasm, and spasticity. Wow you know it’s unbelievable how fast this actually works, faster than my pills.. But i wonder for how long each dose last for? Example 1puff = 2hours 2puff 4hours and so on.. I just got to start keeping track how each strain reacts to me and how long each dose last for then I’m good…. Very freaking awesome. THANKS ILLINOIS FOR MAKING MEDICAL CANNABIS POSSIBLE, and thank you EarthMed in IL for a top shelf experience “no pun intended” 😉

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