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Buy Juicy Fruit Weed Strain online at 420 marijuana thrive, juicy fruit also known as Fruity Juice, this cannabis strain was developed by Sensi Seeds. Crossed


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Juicy Fruit (also known as Fruity Juice) can be linked to the combination of Thailand (Sativa) x Afghanistan (Indica) strains. Hands down one of the most beautiful looking medical marijuana strains known to mankind. juicy fruit strain for sale.

This batch of Juicy Fruit had buds that ranged in the full spectrum of colors… easily deserving a 10/10 for looks. Its fruity aroma, with a slight lemon tinge, seems get exponentially stronger once it is grinded up. juicy fruit candy buy.

Juicy Fruit is known to bring lots of joy to all who medicate with it! Truly one of our favorite strains we have reviewed… can’t wait to get our hands on another batch of Juicy Fruit to take better pictures. Considering we have only seen Juicy Fruit available 1 time in the last year in California leads us to believe this an extremely rare strain that should be grown more in 2013. After all, we haven’t tasted many strains with more fruity flavor than Juicy Fruit in a while. Definitely would stock up if you have the option to do so. juicy fruit weed.

Looks: Despite the fact that the strain’s been around for a while, Juicy Fruit’s buds look like the new resin-glazed strains dominating dispensaries today. Its dark, forest-green nugs are complemented by sharp purple hues, peach-colored pistils and a thick coat of trichomes.

Smell: Scents of tart, chalky sugar instantly remind you of its namesake. However, it’s got more sour and citrus notes than Bubblegum, making this gummy strain stand on its own.

Flavor: Expect a fruity flavor that’s just as savory as it is sweet — something like pears, plums or lychees. Afghani’s bubblegum flavor is more present in Juicy Fruit’s taste than smell, though, with subtle citrus and hash notes rounding it out.

Effects: This hybrid can go either way, depending on the cut and how you react to it. Some provide a strong uplift followed by a stoney, munchie-filled high, while others tend to be more relaxing from the start. Medical patients suffering from eating disorders, stress, nausea and minor pain can all use Juicy Fruit for treatment, but anxiety, paranoia and dry mouth are common side effects.


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