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The NYC Diesel strain evokes an uplifting & creative high and is popular among musicians & artists. Buy NYC Diesel seeds with Shipping & Sprouting guarantee.


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NYC Diesel Strain, Bred by Soma Sacred Seeds who are known mostly for their Amnesia Haze and Lavender phenotypes, NYC Diesel (or Soma Sour Diesel) is a 60% sativa-dominant cross between Mexican and Afghani landraces. It  is a mostly Sativa hybrid that has won 9 different cannabis cup awards (though not every award has been for first place).Also, with a THC level between 15-20%, this is a pretty powerful contender in terms of potency and should be approached with care — especially for those who are new to sour diesel strain

Think about it – what exactly do you think you’d get if you combined the legendary Sour Diesel strain with Mexican and Afghani landraces? Well, you’d get a nine-time Cannabis Cup winner that not only boasts a powerful high, but can also help provide relief for a host of medical conditions. nyc diesel strain review

NYC Diesel is an award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that produces a potent, sweet citrus flavor that many describe as similar to grapefruit with undertones of diesel.

Potential Medical Benefits of NYC Diesel

The NYC Diesel offers a couple of medicinal benefits combined with its lack of panic-induced side effect so its can be a great strain for mental conditions. Buy NYC Diesel Cannabis Strain Online and receive between 2 to 3 working days.NYC Diesel is a mostly Sativa hybrid that has won 9 different.

In fact, the uplifting qualities could offer a great remedy for a number of disorders, including depression and other mental illnesses that can leave you feeling underwhelmed and negative. It can also work well for social anxiety, as it relaxes the smoker around other people and encourages interaction.

The NYC is a very powerful strain  new babies may want to avoid it at the start of their weed journey, but as for those who loves wake and bake strain then there is no best sativa strain like the NYC D. Get up get get some energy.

One last effect to note here is that NYC Diesel has been known to cause some serious munchies, so it could be great for those struggling with eating disorders or who need to boost their natural appetite.

Lastly for patients having lethargic with other medications, they can go with this strain and thats another reason why this strain is being smoke  in the morning.

Effects Of The NYC Diesel

Positive Effects

The NYC Diesel strain is also a great choice for socializing, whether that’s prior to going out for a night on the town or just for relaxing at home with friends. cnyc diesel online

At its onset, the energizing buzz it delivers not only uplifts the spirit but also causes a euphoric cerebral buzz. Besides feeling their head clearing, most users also tend to have amplified senses. For the creatives, there is a never-ending inspiration as ideas form one after the other.

Expect immediate effects after puffing on NYC Diesel weed; the strong psychoactive agents will spin off waves of optimism in your brain which caused many smokers to become active and that explains why it is taken in the morning when you have a very busy day ahead. nyc sour diesel seeds

NYC Diesel also took the same traits can quickly put people at ease. However, it does not seem to cause the same heavy sedation as its parents.

Negative Effects

Due to the fact that  this strain has the ability to energize and increase positivity, many people forget it’s still a strong psychoactive drug — for those inexperienced with cannabis, it can make you feel dizzy and overwhelmed throughout the high. Use a little bit more than necessary, though, then it may lead to laziness.

If you have any worries about this strains but you still can not see your self abandoning the strain, it is always advisable before consumption always look for a comfortable place where you can relax after smoking. nyc diesel leafly


What else can we say about this strain? NYC D provides the consumer with a wonderful and uplifting journey. It’s a great smoke to use when the world becomes too heavy and you need to break away from all the bullshit and negativity.

At the tail end, nobody can refuse a beautiful bud — and the NYC D strain stays up as one of the greatest sativa-hybrid diesel flowering time

Where Can I Get NYC Diesel Strain

Get NYC D at Dogsofcannabis and get a very discrete delivery at your home address. $300. The genetics of the NYC Diesel strain are believed to be a Sativa-dominant mix of Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian. I found the NYC Diesel strain


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5 reviews for NYC Diesel strain

  1. Daniel R. Regan

    Blue cheese is a good option for edibles, stem teas, and canna infused bakery items. I have tried this with many strains, but blue cheese seems to taste the best.

  2. Omar M. Thompson

    I came upon an oil cartridge of 90 % thc. Indica. Omg, best I ever had and can’t find it since. First time in 17 years I went 11 waking hours withour a Xanax. I have crippling anxiety. I could also put myself into a hypnotic state and channel my pain into music I love.

  3. Jack D. Cantrell

    I only review strains I at least really liked! This is a dandy indeed! Not an amazing taste.. a little herby tasting but pretty smooth not harsh. The smell is almost underwhelming from what I was expecting but that being said once a hug is broken its smelly in a good way. Effects are tremendous… It’s a certified creeper, should maybe be locked up! And it is a very distinct relaxing feeling, long lasting, very pleasant cerebral effects not racy or dull. 5*****

  4. Daniel R. Regan

    I like Blue cheese only to smoke and relax and calm, within limits. If I go out of control with this smoke, it gives me a high that is totally jittery. I am not sure why, but this does not happen to me with other strains. So I use Blue Cheese only for mild puffs, just one or two.

  5. Daniel D. Bedell

    This is my choice when I want to dab some strong marijuana. It gives me a high that is totally out of this world and totally not describable. I have tried the liquid THC of this as well, and that is also very high potent. I think if one goes for weed strains, one must try strains like this one that actually rock, rather than going for some intermediate ones.

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