Sour Apple

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4 reviews for Sour Apple

  1. Marie R. Davis

    Master Thai aka :Steve J. Messina created sour apple for his friends in 1982 that had cancer, AIDS, and other serious health problems they experienced, He also raises Ankita’s for therapy dog visits for children, elderly, disabled, and vets. A breeder of rare IBL classics, The Old School Genetics and current classic hybrids, sour apple finish’s in just 52-55 days ! Grown at 7000 ft in Lake Tahoe. Enjoy, Master Thai

  2. Ryan E. Haines

    Just smoked some sour apple indica leaning at 27% THC…..Nice mellow happy head ☺ buzz with a nice relaxing body sedation🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟got it from AG Therapeutics in Williamstown, MA

  3. Stanley J. Tabb

    sour apple is one of my favorite strains. It’s a good way to love yourself the body high is so comfortable and cozy. The head high is buzzy and happy…I’m at my most happiest while on this which most likely means it’s great for those struggling with depression like me. If you suffer from seasonal depression, this might be a god send. The overall high lasts long maybe an hour and a half. As I’m writing this I’m feeling that couchlock which is not a bad thing at all considering I’m about to hit the sack! Stoned lol

  4. Georgene E. Obrien

    Classic Indica smell and taste. This is actually 90/10 indica dominate

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