Sour Diesel Strain

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5 reviews for Sour Diesel Strain

  1. Lizzie R. Costello

    wonderful although i have not had nor seen the real diesel yeah its got that great cerebral high

  2. Denise J. McFarland

    Even though I usually prefer even-hybrids and indica dominant hybrids, I could not help but love Sour Diesel. The cerebral high was intense with some euphoria, as well as a happy, uplifting feeling. Great strain!

  3. Deborah M. Reger

    This is my IDEAL strain. My god. I got off my anti depressants when I found this strain. It’s all I smoke and I couldn’t be happier. I feel sexier, I’m happy, I’m horny, I don’t mind eating and yet somehow I’m losing weight. I love moving and doing this. Don’t mind doing housework. it’s absolute bliss.

  4. Wilma S. Williams

    Another of my personal favorites. Extremely cerebral whenever I consumed it, but, as many others have pointed out, there really is no “couch-lock.” It makes your frontal lobe act in ways you could never have imagined. It’s almost like Sour Diesel is a key, a key that opens up whole realms of your mind that you were once ignorant of. A++ Will smoke again.

  5. Amanda B. Nixon

    I got few sour diesel before, it wasn’t well cured, and well grown at all, but it still had that diesel aroma, combined with sweet and grass, the effect was a bit light though but still very pleasent somehow. But one day, I bought like 5g of it, I saw the big bud in the bag I told myself that this time, it’s not shitty weed. When I opened the bag, I took a deep smell, and damn that was dank, like very unpleasant smell, it had nothing to do with the previous ones I bought, Although I could still smell some sweet in there, and the basic strong skunk aroma, with something else I cannot describe. I thought I was ripped off and they put something in here, until I start to grind the bud, it grinded so well, even left keef, but still with that strong ass aroma. When I smoked, damn it was like drinking some sweet diesel lmao, After few puffs I knew this wasn’t shitty weed, the uplifiting, stimulating high is very strong, I had high tolerance that day ( still have ) and it hit me like if I hit the joint for the first time.

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