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Tahoe OG was originally created by a Ganja Guru who lived in Lake Tahoe, California in the late 1980’s. Today the strain usually leans Indica, but may also lean Sativa depending by the grower.tahoe og wax

Some users report this as one of the best strains for getting a good night sleep and for curing insomnia due to its fast-acting, sedative effect. It features a lemony taste above an earthy taste and has orange and red hairs on the bush.buddha tahoe og wax

This product exhibits large neon green calyxes with an extra thick layer of trichomes and has a very pungent aroma with mixtures of lemon, earthiness, pine and a somewhat skunky fuel. The taste is incredibly smooth, definitely one you’d hope for when seeking out a calming and numbing sensation.tahoe og kush wax


There is an initial sativa kick followed by extremely powerful indica sensations. This strain was actually labelled as an Indica when I purchased it which isn’t really true since it’s an OG strain. The effects speak differently however. After a few hits I was forced it sit down hard and just zone out to some Netflix. The quality of napping is also increased while under the effects of this strain, letting you slowely drift off into dream land with ease. People looking for medicinal benefits out of this strain will find relief from symptoms of pain as well as nausea or insomnia.tahoe og strain wax

Taste and Smell

This has to be one of the best tasting and smelling concentrates I’ve ever had?-  I wish I could find out who made it and shake their had. The smell is piney fresh and uplifting – meaning one sniff of this stuff and you know you’re going to get wrecked. The taste is just as excellent. I got a slightly citrus hit which then turned towards a piney, refreshing taste leaving?me wanting to load up another hit.


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