Tahoe OG

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5 reviews for Tahoe OG

  1. John E. Joe

    Currently my favorite strain for pain and sleep. Delicious vape and the cloud smells like fresh herb.

  2. Charles T. Drago

    Strongest I’ve smoked. For real its so heavy and delicious you oversmoke lol When I opened the jar the smell was lemon pledge times ten. Just super danky lemon and it’s fire

  3. John E. Joe

    My experience This strain is not the best for me, it sometimes makes me a bit paranoid and sad at times. Other times it makes me sleepy. If I smoke more then two bowls it makes me nauseous and dizzy.

  4. George S. Yoon

    Superb herb. This strain is a crowd pleaser. It has all the attributes one would look for. Mind numbing affects. Quick onset. Beautiful, complex flavor profile that matches its otherworldly scent.

  5. Danny D. Carter

    I have used the flower as well as the cartridge of this strain and find it helpful with migraines. Works best as the cartridge, full spectrum, for this effect to be as strong as possible

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